Future-Facing Medicine:
The Firestone medical Research Building

Tomorrow’s interdisciplinary biomedical solutions require effective teamwork and a flexible environment. The Firestone Medical Research Building, already under construction, has been designed to provide laboratories and equipment for multidisciplinary investigations in order to find those solutions by enabling UVM researchers to chart innovative ways to address society’s most pressing medical needs.

These new, innovative facilities will not only sustain the success of our current researchers — they will help attract major research grants and a new generation of outstanding scientists.

Expanded space will meet current and future demand for research capacity, and access to advanced technology will bring opportunities for scientists to combine their efforts across disciplines. Our nationally recognized researchers will continue to lead the way in world-class, cutting-edge medical research, and have solid impact on interdisciplinary themes that affect all of our lives.

Person at work

Inside, contemporary “wet lab” laboratories will exist alongside modular workstations and “dry lab” computational zones to maximize impromptu connections and innovations. This collaborative research model is supported by internal hardware and designed to meet the technological resource demands of both today and tomorrow.

In this facility, UVM will deliver on its mission to shape the future by continuing to lead in world-class medical research. Provided with an exceptional platform for scientific training, collaboration, and innovation, researchers and students alike will advance an integrative approach to the disciplines of medical knowledge and human health.

Cutting Edge Capacity:

The Firestone Medical Research Building will host 42 principal investigator offices, 200 wet benches, and up to 225 personnel to build the next century of research progress at UVM.

Ensuring Our Future at the Firestone Medical Research Building:

Finding the interdisciplinary solutions to societies’ challenges requires concentrated, accessible expertise. With research success at the Larner College of Medicine at an all-time high, momentum has never been greater, and the need more acute for modern facilities.

People working in a lab

UVM researchers will advance understanding of the human mind and body, accelerate cancer research, expand the treatment of cardiovascular disease, and explore vascular neurological health. And they will fully embrace new medical technologies, identifying health disparities in our societies, investigating and identifying inequities caused by poverty, behavioral issues, and environmental contaminants.

At the Firestone Medical Research Building, focused expertise and a collaborative physical environment will combine to support breakthrough research.

Team-Oriented Research:

The Firestone Medical Research Building brings to UVM over 62,000 square feet of versatile space that can adjust with the flow of varied research focuses in the coming years.